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Written Authorization Requirements for Information Resources Personnel.

Disciplinary Action for Unauthorized Access or Disclosure.

To supplement the materials received from the Federal Depository Program, we offer additional federal government resources, such as: The Alaska State Library makes Alaska state documents freely available to the public.

These are indexed through the Alaska Library Catalog.

Alaska Library Catalog All Alaska State Library collections can be found on the Alaska Library Catalog.

It is searchable by title, author, subject and more and can be accessed online. Alaska state employees, accessing us from work can also search a catalog of books and other materials held outside of Juneau and around the world.

Powers, Duties and Responsibilities of Campus Councils.

Objectives for Management of Information Resources.

As a depository, we also have free access to various Federal bulletin boards that post electronic publications.The Alaska State Library also operates the Alaska State Publications Program.This program makes state publications available to Alaskans by distributing them to local depository libraries. Construction of Words and Phrases; Use of “including”.

Retaliation Prohibited Against Complainant, Respondents, and Witnesses PART II.

Several helpful web sites that can be accessed by anyone are: Federal publications are especially pertinent to state government. Government collects statistics from every state, and subsequently creates standardized data comparisons between states.