Consolidating grammar material using different games online dating partners lt

22-Jun-2016 22:56

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Pin the circles on different walls in the classroom.

Spoken Tibetan, in turn, opens the door to a unique tradition carried on by Tibetans.

After learning the Tibetan script, students gradually discover how to build basic sentences using the verbs to be and to have.

In addition to the above mentioned topics (see “Colloquial”), the following is introduced: Dharma vocabulary, lists/enumerations, cardinal and ordinal numbers, indefinite particle, connective particle, structure of nominal groups, etc.

This course aims at consolidating the basics covered in Beginner 1 in order to proceed further with new grammatical structures and vocabulary.

Stop the music and all the children must sit down next to a color. Instead of using letters, the teacher says "I spy with my little eye something that is red". The Rainbow Song is available for download on our songs page. Have Ss run around the classroom touching things in the color that the T shouts out (e.g.

Model the activity: Say "Blue", take a blue crayon, walk over to one circle and color a small part of the circle. Then, say a color ("Blue") to a S and s/he should pick up the blue crayon and go over to the circle you colored in blue. This is a good one for teaching the names of colors to young children. This is good for very young ones and lots of things you can do: Have the Ss lay out their coloring pencils in the order of the song.

Students learn how to make questions using question words and question particles.

Other topics include the verbal categories of ཐ་དད་པ་ and ཐ་མི་དད་པ་ (a concept similar to transitive and intransitive), agentive particles, etc.

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World Possible is a Nonprofit Organization with a mission to connect offline learners to the world's knowledge.Other verbal tenses such as present perfect and “volunteering” are also introduced, and of course new vocabulary.

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