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Some people were willing to pay the higher price P.The rule of one-half estimates the change in consumer surplus for small changes in supply with a constant demand curve.The aggregate consumers' surplus is the sum of the consumer's surplus for all individual consumers.This can be represented graphically as shown in the above graph of the market demand and supply curves.Consumer surplus is the difference between the maximum price a consumer is willing to pay and the actual price they do pay.If a consumer would be willing to pay more than the current asking price, then they are getting more benefit from the purchased product than they initially paid.

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Typically these prices are decreasing; they are given by the individual demand curve.The difference in the price that they would pay, if they had to, and the amount that they pay now is their consumer surplus.Note that the utility of the first few liters of drinking water is very high (as it prevents death), so the first few litres would likely have more consumer surplus than subsequent liters.The consumer surplus (individual or aggregated) is the area under the (individual or aggregated) demand curve and above a horizontal line at the actual price (in the aggregated case: the equilibrium price).

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If the demand curve is a straight line, the consumer surplus is the area of a triangle: is the price at which the quantity purchased would fall to 0 (that is, where the demand curve intercepts the price axis).Note that in the special case where the consumer demand curve is linear, consumer surplus is the area of the triangle bounded by the vertical line Q=0, the horizontal line and the linear demand curve.