Dating a narcissistic personality disorder man

23-Jun-2016 00:25

It should also be noted, that anyone involved with a Borderline for even a limited time, could temporarily experience psychotic, borderline personality symptomology, due to proximal exposure.

That's why we call their behaviors, "crazy-making.", when they can barely get around on their own.

Their respective vibrational frequencies would surely repel each other. The Borderline's inability to separate fact from fiction distorts their perceptions, and extreme emotional reactivity Do not presume that a Narcissist and Borderline can construct a successful marriage.

If they haven't resolved their respective childhood traumas, they'll continually trample on each other's emotional land mines, and trigger highly explosive episodes, while remaining hopelessly enmeshed.

The Borderline mother is frequently envious of her child's achievements and successes, and could be flirtatious and/or seductive with her daughter's romantic interests.

She may have no compunctions whatsoever, about stealing boyfriends/lovers from her teenage or adult child.

Full recovery requires heart repair, and even the most skilled thoracic surgeon wouldn't be operating on his/her own chest if he/she needed bypass or heart valve repair. for core self-worth deficits, with rescuing or fixing compulsions, people-pleasing, athletic, scholastic and/or professional over-achievements, carefully choreographed charm and charisma, amassing material wealth, etc.

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The son of a Borderline is typically attracted to females who echo the traits he saw in his mom~ and his boyhood trauma will be resuscitated over and over again, with nearly every romantic partnership he forms in adulthood.

variety of betrayals during childhood have deeply fractured a Borderline's core, and psychic trauma from this period can't help but seriously impact all adult relationship endeavors.

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