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14-Feb-2016 03:26

This calls on the political class, civil servants and people in authority to practice what they preach by patronizing Nigerian schools and hospitals as well as consumption of Nigerian made goods.Because that’s the only way the health and educational infrastructure could be developed.Throwing more light on the Inspiration behind “TROUBLE DEY SLEEP“, Eedris Abdulkareem said “he was inspired by the challenge from the Minister of Information which he felt should not be a one way thing, because to make Nigeria great requires sacrifices from all; both the high class as well as the common man”.Denouncing the Minister of Information for his gaffe that Senegal has the best jollof rice, the one time Olympic torch bearer, declared emphatically that Nigeria is number one in everything including having the best jollof rice in the world.I remembered their mother said before she died, don’t let anyone come between you guys.

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This is a new fetching tune that will disturb the street/Clubs & top radio chart. He told me to settle down and be a responsible man. A lot of girls I dated at the time were not happy with my choice of wife but I was happy about it.In fact, I intentionally avoided throwing a bachelor party because I knew something could happen that night that would ruin my marriage.“I was on my way to the video shoot of my song, ‘Life in Yankee’ when I saw a lady trying to fix the tyre on her car.

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I take everything that has to do with marriage very spiritual because God says that if you want a wife we should ask him.

Controversial Nigerian rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem has weighed into the Babymama syndrome hovering around the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.