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No notable progress can be observed locally and on close inspection, as late as New Year's Day, 2010.

The main road, shown below in 2004 still looked the very same at the end of 2009.

Despite calls for a walking street contractors have recently (September, 2010) completed construction of a fast trunk road through the hamlet.

Repeating the mistakes made in other seaside tourist resorts such as Negombo and Hikkaduwa.

This area is known as Kumana (44 kilometres (27 mi)), to be reached via the Tamil/Sinhalese settlement of Panama (Sri Lanka) (17 kilometres (11 mi)) and the Tamil shires at Okanda (32 kilometres (20 mi)).

The local area is home to a number of elephants, often travelling between Lahugala and Kumana national parks.

Ecowave is currently managing an outlet in the main street of Arugam Bay, providing market opportunities to the farmers, and offering community tourism itineraries for travelers.

The main settlement in the area, known locally as Ullae, is predominantly Muslim, however there is a significant Sri Lankan Tamil and Sinhala population to the south of the village, as well as a number of international migrants, largely from Europe and Australia.