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[Yoosung] I hope everything will work out smoothly.

(no hearts) Yoosung really seemed to have worked so hard!! [Jumin] Please try not to be late, so taht Jaehee wouldn't worry.

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[Yoosung] I have a bad memory with Christmas so I’ll pass. [707] Includes: Zen, Jumin, MC (you) Gasp, the Christmas couple movie that will come out! (no hearts) Let’s promise to love each other forever that will never go away.

Don’t you know that if you drink too much of that it’s bad for your health? [Yoosung] It must be tiring to work until tomorrow…

[707] What should I do it my blood pressure gets higher?

(no hearts) Please don’t make Jaehee work to hard on Christmas….. Please tell me if you have like a Christmas dream hehe (no hearts) … [707] Because cats want to jump and touch the decorations!

(no hearts) I’ll just spend it like any normal day. [Jumin] It hurts me to see Yoosung be disappointed… Simply find the day you are on, then scroll within that day's scrollbox to find the correct chat (they are labeled by time/chat title) and the answers should be marked if they offer hearts to any of the characters or do not offer them at all. Includes: Yoosung, Zen, MC (you) Hello Zen [Zen] Yoosung, you're not sleeping? [Yoosung] Sounds like you are going to work hard, Jaehee. (no hearts) Is this not the goal of the C&R publicity?