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Animatism is the belief in a supernatural power that is able to be something other than a person or animal.In this sense, it is the belief that the supernatural is all around you and could be anything.Taking an evolutionary approach to spirituality, he proposed that human belief progressed through three stages: primitive magic, which was displaced by religion, which in turn was replaced by science.

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Spirituality often provides its followers with moral standards or expectations of how they should live and treat others.

Different parts of the world have different beliefs and rules that maintain their religion.

Not all religions follow the same practices but there are some similarities between most, if not all, religions.

An example of this is found in the book Mama Lola: A Voodoo Priestess in Brooklyn by Karen Mc Carthy Brown.

Brown studies the priestesses daily practices, and finds that Mama Lola uses imitative magic to help people's lives.

In this practice, the Voodoo doll is used as a symbolic representation of another person.