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29-Jun-2016 11:46

The Torrington bearings have more rollers, more bearing contact surface, and better support. You might consider one those billet cam plates also.Check your Flywheel run-out also.” --Pablo I rode the 2003 Road King, with a measly 12,800 miles on the clock, to Gene's Speed Shop on Normandie in the Torrance, California Gasoline Alley (310) 618-1908.The S&S brochure point out the following benefits: Reduced Maintenance: There are no chain guides or shoes to wear or replace and no debris from wearing guides or shoes to contaminate oil supply.Consistent cam timing: Cam gears are keyed with a light press fit.That level applies to the entire driveline from the exhaust to the tappets.

I had mid-range SE-203 cams in the bike with Screaming Eagle Heads, two-into- one Screamin' Eagle Exhaust and Terry Components closed-loop enhancement to my H-D EFI system. The Dyno noted 68 HP at 6000 rpms and 84 pounds of torque at 3000.

"A stock 96-incher puts out 52 horses and 65 pounds of Torque," Gene said while straddling the King in his dyno room.

We carefully removed the exhaust sensor before yanking the pipes off.

We had an interesting chat about Evos and Twin Cams and which are the best. worked for Bartels H-D in Marina Del Ray and for the Harley- Davidson fleet center for a decade. "The Twin Cam exceeds the Evo, especially when it comes to performance," Gene pointed out.

They know Twin Cams, every model and configuration. is also an avid H-D top fuel drag racer, so he knows performance gremlins and how to deal with the stresses of performance enhancements. "Since it's mated to the transmission, alignment is enhanced and the cases are heavier and stouter design to handle the rigors of big-inch engines.With the S&S Gear Drive Cam kit and their Pushrod set (which is required), we had all the components to perform the job, including gaskets.