Pros and cons of dating on the job

08-Jun-2016 15:51

We've all been there: you took it too far last weekend, so now it's time to be 'healthy'. Registered nutritionist Amy Shapiro and registered dietitian Maria Bella warn many of today's top trends are loaded with sugar and calories, which throw your diet off balance.In 2017, that probably means turning to a green juice, avocado toast, or an acai bowl, all of which are tipped as cleansing and fat-busting. They warn it is important to pay attention to the ingredients when you are buying items at the store or going to a restaurant.These are important for the body because they protect against damage caused by harmful molecules.Maria Bella, registered dietitian and founder of Top Balance Nutrition in New York City said that acai bowls also add more vitamins and health fats to the diet when consumed.It can contain on average 450-600 calories for a cup-sized serving, which is an obscene amount.'If you add some milk, you're consuming over half your calories before lunch time,' Bella said.This is not the best option for you if you are looking to lose weight.

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People have to pay attention to the ingredients when they are buying one at a store or restaurant because it could increase your sugar levels quickly.

It also has added heart-healthy unsaturated fats and some protein.

Bella only recommends this to clients who are trying to gain weight because of the amount of calories one cup can have.

Here Charlotte Evans, a lecturer in health nutrition at the University of Leeds, reveals why so many parents are finding healthy lunchboxes hard to swallow and whether school dinners are a better option.• You don't always have to play it safe with sandwiches.

Carbohydrate-based salads such as pasta salad, rice salad, couscous, potato salad or tabbouleh are tasty and filling.

Bella said the addition of vitamins and health fats can carry a hefty calorie tag due to ingredients such as nut butter and seeds added in most bowls.