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In the beginning, I didn't like this, because it felt like it robbed some of the charm of the artificial intelligence stories.Also, they way to override the Asimov's laws was bit boring and easy, But as the story progressed, more details piled up - like the virus giving character to the robots, and overall, the charm of the genre wasn't lost.Having long since replaced humans in the back hallways and servants' quarters of the ultra-wealthy, new models are acquired, render their service, then are quietly deactivated when obsolete. One household is about to find out that, while Asimov's laws are immutable, humans are about to experience an uprising of a different sort.This first, surprisingly heartfelt episode of a new series puts the reader in the shoes of the the soulless who serve.

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Robot Proletariat is the first in a series that I can’t wait to continue.What starts the silent riot and later gives birth to the robot proletariat is an order from the family they serve to recycle - to kill - one of their own.The robots's plans to save Barny become more and more complicate and meanwhile lots is discovered - about the relations in the family as well as the evolution of the robot kind.Good thing was that there was humour and sarcasm that almost fully balanced the slow talk.

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One of the most characteristic traits of the book is the atmosphere and the Victorian like setting.

His German accent for Mars the robot isn’t bad either.