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25-Jul-2016 08:38

Speaking on the show before her make-under, Chantelle said: 'I've had breast implants and I've had fillers in my face just to fill my face out a bit.'I couldn't live without my hair extensions.'Standing in front of the show's style robot P. D (Personal Overhaul Device), Chantelle is taken aback when it says she's been visited by the Man From Del Monte.

She said: 'I don't think I'm orange, I think I'm golden.'When asked why she wears so much make-up, Chantelle shows her low self-esteem by admitting: 'I know what's underneath the fakery and I don't like it.' That's more like it: Peroxided but natural looking blonde Chantelle in 2006, left, before her Celebrity Big Brother appearance and, right, as a brunette in 2007When a select group of male members of the public were shown a picture of her all dolled up, they were asked if they would prefer to snog, marry or avoid her... Chantelle was expecting most men would say 'avoid', but was horrified when one man said she 'looks like a tranny'.

Suffice to say, you’ve given me a lot to think about. Yes, I’ve seen the movie, and I won’t lie: I’m afraid of becoming the archetype of that fictional character.

Over the years, I’ve learnt—albeit slowly, it seems—about many mistakes I’ve been doing.

She admits she is 'addicted' to make-up and 'can't live without' her hair straighteners.

Chantelle Houghton is a far cry from the blonde airhead who won Celebrity Big Brother three years ago after charming the nation with her loveable innocence.

It might be something big, it might not be, but ignoring your feelings actually makes it difficult to work how you feel and why when you Dating is a discovery phase and you have to use your judgment to evaluate the situation in reality and basically intervene if it’s a genuine case of overactive imagination and the voice of doom and tell it to shut the beep up. You always know that you’re ignoring your gut not the annoying guest (although you might make the mistake of treating your gut as if it’s an annoying party pooper guest), when you silence your gut with And you do know when you’re bullshitting even if you won’t admit it.

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Sometimes you just need some reassurance that you have your own back.

The cues and triggers that may have tripped you up before remain the same but you go, “Ah. If you’re worrying about whether it’s going to go ‘wrong’, it’s time to come back to the present and be more ‘mindful’ because you’re spending too much time worrying about what isn’t happening or trying to anticipate what’s next and forecasting doom. If you haven’t been on a date yet or have only been on a date or few and you have a high level of anxiety, going on dates without being emotionally honest enough to recognise where these feelings originate is only going to compound it not relieve it.

I remember this from that class I took about fifty times, class” and then you consciously choose to do differently instead of doing the equivalent of repeatedly throwing yourself against one of those shatterproof doors. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop dating but it does mean listening to your thoughts and feelings.

You do have to literally say to the spoiler, “Well hello old ‘friend’…. Try a Feelings Diary and monitor how you feel and what else is happening during these times for a week or so.

There may be other factors contributing such as work stress or even boredom.Away from the show, Chantelle doesn't have to worry about attracting male attention - she has been dating Defoe since last year. I can understand why people like Coleen Rooney are called WAGs because that's how they're known in the public eye.