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Punctuation of the Hausa text has been sparingly used, and only when its absence might involve ambiguity or mistranslation. Since, however, the list of known masculine words ending in a and of those which are double -gendered is a tentative one, and must grow with greater knowledge, it has been thought better to leave them as they were actually spoken than to attempt a rigid, and it may be mistaken conformity to a rule, the number of exceptions to which cannot yet be determined. more pro- ductive of liberality) than the stretching out of the hand (to beg). To everything its appointed use ; or, Qu'est-ce qu'il fait dans cette galere 1 Said of any bizarre or unsuitable combination. Mantaso was a notorious miser of Dawano, a village near Kano. The good results of the early rain can be seen from the gateway. The elephant's tracks fall on the camel's (and obliterate them). A quiet demeanour argues depth of feeling or determination. Patience will bring some good result however un- promising the circumstances. If thou knowest a man's character thou mayest safely live with him. If thou art eating a fig do not chew the core ; if, though, thou art chewing it thou wilt not find anything edible. Anger which finds outward expression is not so terrible as silent wrath. Students are reminded that nothing but attentive listening, coupled with a use of the imitative faculty, will enable them to INTRODUCTION pronounce even the simplest word correctly. man mutum muntu Kiwemba of Itawa mtu meat nama inama nyama name horse suna doki isina indokwe (donkey) 5? Join the master with God's name ; if he refuses give him the stick. Since, however, a correct pronunciation of the spoken language is of more practical use than a knowledge of the written character, such words where they occur in the rest of the text have been written with the double consonant unbracketed, and, generally, as close a rendering of the sound of the spoken word has been given as was possible. — (Sokoto), (Kano), (Zaria) refers to the dialect which uses the word.

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They illustrate better than any rules the idioms generally employed and the varying uses of such words as magani, uhangiji ; while the importance of the part they play in the language as spoken may be gauged from the fact that while doubtless a large number have yet to be collected, over nine hundred, including those given here, have already been translated and the majority published. This practice is heard with constantly increasing frequency as the Lower Niger is approached and the 6 HAUSA SAYINGS AND FOLK-LORE region of the Yoruba, Nupe, and other races in whose languages vowel- sounds predominate. The dog says ' than sit down in idleness better to " do something ".' 1 1 .