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In 1918, the brand name "Fay" was used by the American Clip. A third paper clip was patented by Frank Angell in 1889.

In marketing paper clips, suppliers emphasized the superiority of their designs on one or two of the following characteristics: 1. Does not get tangled with other clips in the box 3. We did not include paper clips that were patented after 1902 unless we could find evidence that they were produced.

173) This evidence indicates that paper clips came into widespread use in U. According to Petroski, "Steel wire was still new in the second half of the nineteenth century....[T]he widespread manufacture and use of the paper clip had to await not only the availability of the right wire but also the existence of machinery capable of tirelessly and reliably bending it in a flash into things that could be bought for pennies a box." (Henry Petroski, "From Pins to Paper Clips," , Vintage, New York, 1992, p.