Teebeedee dating

13-Apr-2016 23:07

Many people over 40 still feel embarrassed or shy about online dating, but this community includes married couples, newly divorced or widowed members, and people who are simply looking for a good conversation.

Romance can happen serendipitously, or you can use our tools to find a match.

"TBD is more like a neighborhood barbecue -- it's not a singles bar," says CEO and founder Robin Wolaner.

Unlike traditional dating sites, Tee Bee Dee offers the opportunity for newly single folks to test the waters before diving into online dating.

Then they can move on to meeting or dating when they're ready.

Tee Bee Dee ( a social network for adults 40 who believe life is still to be determined, offers the results of the latest Tee Bee Dee Weekly Boomer Poll.

Tee Bee Dee ( a social network for adults 40 who believe life is still to be determined, offers insights and advice directly from Tee Bee Dee members.

Tee Bee Dee is a leading destination for the Boomer generation, typically described as adults between 44 and 64 years old. Boomers are embracing social networks like Tee Bee Dee in greater numbers because they can meet new friends and learn from people with similar life experiences.

Tee Bee Dee members were asked to respond to a poll about the best way for people over 40 to meet.

A "Friend's Dinner Party" was the number one response, but about one-third of respondents indicated that online dating sites are the best way for the over 40 crowd to meet.

It is also the place where Boomers ask questions and receive advice on careers, finance, family, health, relationships, sex over 40, friendships, and much more.

In fact, most Tee Bee Dee members say they come to Tee Bee Dee to "meet new people" and for "friendship." People over 40 connect on Tee Bee Dee by joining or creating group discussions.Little did I know back in September of '08 that my life would be forever changed because of TBD.