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This way a variable orig is always defined for every script invocation and represents the original data of the added item. In the current implementation, if you modify the script then you will have to restart the server for the new logic to take effect.

Note, that the script is only triggered when new objects are added to the database, also note that the script does not modify any objects that already exist in the database - it only processes new objects that are being added.

I went for the professional version of this specifically because I liked the idea of browsing international radio stations. The problem is that I hit a tile saying that I need the professional version to hear radio stations! Thanks Donuk Bump on this one, I'm facing the same kind of troubles with my registered version of Asset.

My setup is a Pioneer N-50, bubble UPNP server on windows (to make it an open home renderer that eats playlists), and Kinsky as controller point. My tunein account is OK, I get all my favorites, but only some of them will work.

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As far as I know there are no negative effects to enabling UPn P.i saw on my ps3 under network configuration for UPn P it has available and i've messed with the configuration and i got it to say enabled but when i go to the check connection thing, after it does its scanning or whatever it just says available again... I also reconnected to the router on the PS3 and it still says UPn P: Not Available, although it said UPn P: Enabled when it was at the Connection confirmation screen for the internet on the PS3. [QUOTE="The Red Strike"]I enabled UPn P on my router and restarted that. In Media Tomb we try to address this shortcoming by introducing the scriptable virtual object engine.

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