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It was found that Guidi lived in Saco and was arrested by a trooper in that area.

On December 27 Trooper Andrew Foss arrested Daniel Honorowski, 3.9, in Pem- broke for operating under the influence of alcohol after he crashed his vehicle off Route 1.

Carr also has bail condi- tions not to have contact with her.

Ser- geant Tim Varney transported him to the Washington County Jail.

In- dividuals in need of heating fuel assis- tance should contact Lubec Town Treasurer Randy Campbell. In the event of a water main break, "you can fill containers right here," Sutherland says.

"But more importantly, people in Lubec look out for each other.

On December 24 Trooper Andrew Foss responded to a theft complaint in Lubec, where fuel oil was reported stolen from an oil tank at a seasonal residence. Trooper Andrew Foss summonsed Isaac Robbins, 18, for an assault stem- ruing from a complaint in Lubec in No- vember.

Trooper Chad Lindsey responded to a protection order complaint in Charlotte, where a woman reported that Christopher Guidi, 34, was contacting her in violation of a protection order.

Each participant pledged to raise money for the town's Senior Fuel Fund.10 January, 2014 THE QUODDY TIDES Page 13 Lubec equipped for long-term power loss by J. Rule Recent weather events, several of which have resulted in power outages, have prompted comparisons to the Ice Storm of '98, which left part of the region out of power for up to 11 days.So far, the cur- rent winter has not produced such a pro- longed outage, but a number of residents have posed questions about town pre- paredness should there be a repeat.On January 5 Trooper Andrew Foss re- sponded to a burglary complaint in Mach- iasport where jewelry was reported stolen.

Trooper Andrew Foss responded to a family fight complaint in Whiting.She cites the success of the first interna- tional marathon in Lubec and Campobello last June.